Change...bring it on...! by Kathryn Francis

Things change.  Change is exciting. 

In early September 2018 we made a huge change. 

Sarah called Michelin to let them know that we would be completely overhauling our business; Stéphane would no longer be in the kitchen and we would be open in the daytime only.

It was important that Michelin knew - we have huge respect for the guide and it relies on accuracy. It was only right to call them to let them know the upcoming changes to our lovely and evolving business.

We were in effect giving back our treasured Michelin star.

Sounds a bit like ungrateful kids saying they don’t want a gift, doesn’t it?  But that’s not it.  We have loved having a star, it is the ultimate benchmark of our trade and we have been so proud to have it, so proud to have The Checkers.

But late nights take their toll; we have 5 kids between our 2 families and it was time for a change…time for the Checkers Pantry!

Coffee, cakes, breakfast and lunches 5 days a week, informal tasty light lunches with great coffee, great wine, and fabulous gin!  Cosy sofas by the fire, space for kids and time for a chat.  Bed and breakfast rooms that get all the right bits right – a friendly welcome, lovely linen and L’Occitane.

Sarah will be at the stove while Stephane enjoys some freelance and private jobs, coming back to do bespoke events and pop up suppers.

We can’t wait to open our old coaching inn to a much wider audience and to enjoy a few more evenings at home (and nights out!)

So yes – we are sad, it is the end of an era – but it is for all the right reasons…and we are blooming excited about our next adventure too.

We will keep you posted with menus and events, and if you have any questions please do get in touch. Our last evening service will be Saturday 27th October and the pantry will open mid November - date yet to be finalised.

In the meantime Sarah is making jam, Kathryn is typing, Leanne is coffee tasting and Stéphane is going hunting in France…!

Vive la Frenchman and the Farmer’s daughters…our story is not done…